Jody Sarkinen


I have been a practicing registered nurse (RN) since receiving a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Minnesota in 2002. Most of my nursing career has been working as a float pool nurse helping patients navigate through many different situations in an urban hospital. My favorite part of the nursing profession is hearing each patient's unique story. A new career path emerged for me after discovering neurofeedback while searching for interventions for my 3 adopted children. I became a neurofeedback provider after completing training in the Othmer method (Cygnet, NeuroAmp, Infra-low, Synchrony, Alpha-Theta) and receiving a certificate in neurofeedback from EEGinfo in 2020. I found that the benefits of neurofeedback resulted in a profound improvement in the quality of life for my children and gave our home a tranquility that I could not have previously imagined. This experience compelled me to leave the hospital setting and begin offering neurofeedback services at JMS NeuroTherapy.